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Perfect Lines. Short Narrative. Maaman Rezaee. Renee Sevier. Nina Isaacson. Morphine addict. Housewife. 50s


Anthology of short films

A rotation of roles of writer, director and cinematographer between filmmakers Maaman Rezaee, Renee Sevier and Nina Isaacson

“Perfect Lines”: A drug-addled housewife, stuck in the fantasy of the 1950s, avoids 

confrontation with her neighbor while preparing dinner for two.

Starring Michelle Pauls and Nikia Johnson

“Feed the Pussy”:  Set in a future society in which women have to be fully covered, a young woman, Mina, can’t wait to shed her layers of clothing as 

she walks through her front door on a hot day. When the needs of her cat force her to go back outside, 

she will do anything to avoid putting them back on.

Starring Brooke Rogers

“Never Have I Ever”: Four teen girls in a punk band wrap up their practice session with a game 

of “Never have I ever,” and learn things about each other that they did not expect.

Starring Mazie Wolf, Daniela Montalvo, Brooke Rogers and Julie Bishop

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