Family of Too Many

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Narrative Short

Written by Maaman Rezaee

Bahar, an 8 year old Iranian girl, believes she has caused the death of her grandmother. As she deals with her feelings of guilt, her parents decide to steal grandmother’s body. As Baha’is living in Shi’a Iran, the family risks everything when they spirit the body away in the middle of the night so that they may perform their prohibited religious rituals.

Festivals and Screenings:

Awarded best short screenplay Diamond Screen Film Festival 2016

Blackstar Film Festival 2018

Citizen Jane Film Festival 2018

Women's Independent Film Festival 2018

Official Selection Ivy Film Festival 2016 Graduate Screenplay Category 


Temple University Thesis Completion Grant

Temple University Dean of Center for the Arts

Taslimi Foundation Art Grant 

Temple University FMA Departmental Production Grant